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About Globo

Globo is:

the first global voting platform, that creates stable and visible connections between people who share the same opinions: local to global.
By that, People in the same city or all around the world can stay tuned to a topic that is important to them and decide together what to do.
We can try to act together as global citizens for a long-term global public.

We are looking for:

We are convinced that Globo is a world wide issue!
For the global roll-out of Globo we would like to cooperate with someone who can assist and support us with know-how, infrastructure and resources that are useful for this.

We are looking for people who are as excited as we are about the incredible possibilities that lie in Globo!

Globodynamics sees itself as an ethical company and takes serious its corporate responsibility.

In particular the following content and activities are not tolerated and we will take action against them:

  • Violent content/calls for violence
  • Debasement/discrimination against other individuals, groups or nations
  • Defamation of religious beliefs
  • Content that is inhumane or directed against life itself

Codex of Globodynamics



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Globo is based on the representation of like-minded users in maps:

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